Terms of use of UNIpad: We welcome you to the UNIpad Application and to its general services, either as a guest or a user,obtaining in any way access to above you a knowledge,agree and you are bound by these terms of use and you are permit your consent.In any different case,do not connect and do not use the services of UNIpad.These terms of use may be revised or modified or even new terms might be subjoined.You will be notified for the revised/modified/updated/new edition to the Terms of use with a post to the UNIpad Application, which you should visit frequently and have to check for possible changes.


The revised/modified/updated/new terms are activated since they post as the above of subsequence date,which will be precisely defined.If you continue to use the the services of UNIpad ,automatically you agree,accept and consent the revised/modified/updated/new terms and you grant your consent.In any different case you should immediately discontinue and abstain from any use or visit to the application and its services.


1. UNIpad application and its services,are allowed to be used by underaged above the age of 13,after their parents consent or their guards ore the ones that legally have their custody.


2.You are not allowed to use false data,elements and false information.Your names,elements and the informations you give should be true,real and exact,applicable and full,while you ought to proceed to any update wherever necessary,in order to reman with the above quality.


3.You are not allowed to make false or misleading statement,to imitate another user to to try to alter its identifiers and information.


4.You have the exclusive responsibility of maintaining the secrecy and security of your personal password,which you ought no to notify.


5.You are solely responsible for ensuring the security of your account,you ought to orbit the access of a third person and abstain from any action that might end endanger your account.


6.You are not allowed to create accounts for any other except yourself,personally,not to access to a third’s person account,unless you have permission and consent.You must not search in any way,nor collect and use data and information of other users or access accounts of third ones.


7.You have the exclusive responsibility for any action that occurs via your account.Any transfer/concession/assignment of you to a third person is not permitted.


8.You are solely responsible for all and any content


(data,texts,files,information,username,images,graphics,photos,profile,video,messages,comments,copyright,works,apps,programs,links etc,that from now on will be referred as <<content>>),that you submit,post,send,transfer,transmit,publish,present to the application and the services of the UNIpad through them.


9.It is not allowed the post,the transference,the presence,the broadcast and the generally or in any way the publish of a content which is illegal,non authorized,offensive,violent,aggressive,racist,unfair,not moral,provocative,vulgar,pornographic that included nude,but also any relevant to the above or such kind of content.


10.It is not allowed the monitoring,harassment,terrorization,abuse,defamation,threat,bullying,as also the publishment of information and consent that concerns the private and social life of persons,users or third people and also confidential information and consent,yours,different users or third persons.


11.It is not allowed the any use of UNIpad for any discreet treatment or illegal,misleading,malign action,or action that violates rights of a third person,or the current legislation.


12.When accessing/visiting/using the services of UNIpad you ought to behave with kindness and discretion and be meticulous about the content,of any form that you publish.


13.In no case is UNIpad responsible for both the content that user posts,sends,transmits,uses and generally in any way cause broadcast or publishes and for the “of any kind of damage” or harm to other users or third persons,which comes from the use of UNIpad services.You agree and you recognise that you maintain the exclusive responsibility for any controversy,dispute or conflict activity via UNIpad,and you ought to fully restore any damage that might be accused to UNIpad or to a third person due to above.


14.It is not allowed the use of any means in a way that indicates with a misleading way that involves the services of UNIpad.


15.You ought to abide by the laws concerning and Europe,towards states and by all the laws concerning data transmission.


16.It is not allowed by any method the display of consent that contains virus or other types of malign code.It is not allowed the interference ,dispute,distraction.restriction or disturbance,in whole or in part of content,the software,the equipment and UNIpad’s services or other that connect to them,with the broadcast of virus, “worm” virus types,spyware,malware or any destructive smasher code.It is not allowed the interference to content or code that affects the application and other services that UNIpad provided.


17.It is not allowed the creation,or the submission,of undesirable comments,messages or non authorized commercial or vexatious information or communication and in general undesirable consent (spam).


18.It is not allowed the creation of account,the collection of content or user’s information and any access method to the content of the services of UNIpad via non authorised means,or via automated means,as automated devise,script,harvesting,bot,without the forms explicit consent of UNIpad.


19.UNIpad is not obligated to preliminary check,observe,elaborate or remove any content and does not guarantee neither is responsible for its correctness,accuracy,reliability,timeliness,legitimacy,the quality,the completeness,the appropriateness or its usefulness.


20.Although UNIpad makes every effort to ensure security of its services and the fix of its possible issues ,in no case guarantees the timely,safe,uninterrupted and error free services,the absence of omission in its operation and technical malfunctions,the correction of mistakes or omissions and also the security,violation and it is not responsible for provocation of any kind of damage due to the above.


21.UNIpad does not guarantee the save of your content and it is not responsible for its loss.


22.UNIpad maintains without penalty the right to modify,remove,and,inhibit,discontinue the temporart of permanent,of part or off all of its services,with or without warning,at any time and for any reason,to any person without being responsible of potential damages or impairements caused by the above.


23.UNIpad maintains the right to the refuse the access or the termination of your access to its services at any time and for any reason with or without warning and without accountability.


24.In case your content violates the Terms of use or you cause with any way danger or exhibit legally UNIpad app,or you cause damage or impairment to UNIpad or other guests/users/third ones,UNIpad maintains the right at its sole discretion to abolish.delete or refuse to present your consent or to deactivate or terminate your account,and to discontinue the provision of a part or of a whole of its services to you,without any warning and by having no accountability.


25.In case you choose a username or any relevant identification for your account which belongs or refers to another person improperly or causes confusion,UNIpad maintains the right to abolish it.


26.The name,the logo,the software,the content and the services of UNIpad are protected by the laws of copyright,trademark,patent,trade secrets,and other laws of greek justice,european justice and international conventions and treaties.It is not allowed the any way,in whole or in part,the copy,the imitation,the modification,the configuration,the reproduction,the creation production works,the republishing,the transmission,distribution the publication,sale,leasing,concession,resale,transliteration,execution,saving,the exploitation or use of Sel’it it is allowed by legislation.The access and the use of UNIpad services does not give your ownership on copyright or on other related rights.It is not allowed the post,send ,transmission,broadcast,publishment and generally the use of any method of installation of any form of software or content that violates copyrights,trademarks,patents,trade secrets or other proprietary right of UNIpad.In case of copyright violation,trademark patent,trade secret or other profusions of law,UNIpad maintains the right,at the exclusive discreet content and to disable or terminate a part or the whole of its services to you,with no warning and with no accountability.


27.It is not allowed to modify,dispose,abolish,conceal,or to change any notifications concerning copyright,trademarks,proprietary rights and generally any legal notifications that show up at UNIpad services or anything correlating to them as well the present Terms of Use.


28.You ought to make good use of the services of UNIpad and you must not interfere to its function at any way.Likewise,it is not permitted interfere or to block or to raise difficulties the use of the UNIpad services from other users.You ought to abide by all the laws and the current Terms of Use and not to violate or to facilitate or to encourage their infringement.In case of bad use or violation of the current Terms of Use and laws,UNIpad maintains the right,in its sole,discretion,to abolish delete or deny to present your content,or to disable terminate your account,or even discontinue the provision of a part of the whole of the services you,without any notification and without any accountability.


29.The general services and content of UNIpad are provided and disposed “as followed”.UNIpad is not responsible and does not provide guarantees of any kind concerning the services and its content,the consent and behavior of it guests/users,the security of its content and information broadcast via UNIpad.The access and the use of UNIpad services on your part it is your responsibility and you are committed to its legitimacy. Self’s does not support your content and does not goes under any responsibility towards any person or bearer for potential loss,damage(positive or consequential,direct or indirect),injury,claim.liability or other damage caused by your content and the content of UNIpad,any action that relates to of occupier of copyrights or third person’s right and your part of violation of current Terms and legislation you agree to protect and support UNIpad towards any demands/claims that occur or that are connected with any way by the opposite towards the currents Terms of Use and the laws of behavior and your action.


30.In case of default or violation of the current use of terms and legislation,you are likely to pose legally towards UNIpad. 31.In case any of the current Terms of Use is regarded as contrary to law,the prestige of the rest Terms is not affected,they remain potent. Any delay or omission on part of UNIpad to apply any of the Terms of use or to search potential claims,may not be consider as the resignation,neither implied from its respective right.


32.UNIpad may assign the current Terms of Use or any right,that derives from them.For this your consent is not required.


33.You agree to abide by the rules and the ordinance of Greek,European,International law,but also by the rules of good faith and transactional morals and abstain from any legal and misuse of the content and the services of UNIpad.


34.The current Terms of use constitute the overall agreement between UNIpad and you.For any dispute arising from and during the application and interpretation of the Greek Justice and competent ate courts of Athens effective.


35.All icons created by Giannis Trantas. The date of the current Terms of Use is 20 /01/ 2016. The current Terms of Use are conducted in the English language.For any dispute arising from the translation of current Terms of Use,the greek edition prevails.